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What is the KEEN Pro Site?
This is the easy place to order if you are a qualified outdoor industry professional. It is designed for individuals with professional ties or strong roots in the outdoor industry. It is not designed for large group orders, large organizations or groups with a tax exempt status.

What if I already have a code but have forgotten it?
No worries, if you know you have an active code, you have not lost it. The code stays active in your account until it is depleted or expires. Just sign in above, and your code will be there, right where you left off last time you shopped the KEEN Pro Site.

What if my code is expired?
Typically the codes expire on 12/31 of any given year, or when your purchase allotment has been depleted. We approve one code per person per calendar year. You do need to re apply for a new code if your code has expired from a previous calendar year. Once a code is expired for any reason, it cannot be extended.

What if I was given a card with a code?
Great! Please create an account above. On the next page you will be asked to enter the code in, and to fill out a few answers as to how you got the code. Once the code is accepted, you will be able to start shopping right away.

How do I apply for a code?
If you feel you do qualify by your work or how you live your life, as an outdoor industry professional, start by creating an account above. After you have done that, you can request a code on the following pages.

How long does it take for the approval process?
We do carefully consider all requests. Please allow up to 7 business days, but most likely, you will get a response within a day or two via email as to if you have been approved or not. If you are not approved for some reason, you will be sent a note in your response email as to why.